Destiny West



Destiny West is an award winning Horror Author, her first novel Lamia received outstanding reviews.  Destiny  also works as a journalist and editor, and has a special interest in old school special effects. Destiny has been obsessed with horror since she saw her first horror film at the age of four. Her inspirations are Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton, Philippe Mora and Hitchcock.  

Casper Jean Rimbaud



Poet, novelist, musician, and film maker Casper Jean Rimbaud is a Melbournian artist who’s sci-fi/horror novel Post Encounter was published late 2015. He is currently in post -production of his first film Dark Night Of The Werewolf, and compiling a poetry collection to be published soon. He is the founder of Multi-media art house Melbournian Psycho. He is currently working on an album to be released under The Melbournian Psycho Band. His work style has been described as ‘nuero horror’ and he counts Kubrick, Lynch and Hitchcock as his highest influences.

Philippe Mora



Legendary French-Australian director, actor and world renowned artist Philippe Mora has helped define Australian cinema for more than 40 years with classic films such as Mad Dog Morgan (starring the legendary Dennis Hopper) cult horror classic The Beast With-In, Death of a Soldier and the pop culture redefining Communion (starring Oscar winner Christopher Walken). Fractured Visions are excited and extremely humbled to include Mr Mora's vast expertise to the making of The Unhallowed.


Daniel Lonick



Daniel has only begun acting since 2012 purely by accident. He had done modelling in his late teens with a couple of magazine shoots & tv commercials but didn't think he'd ever do more.

Then in 2012 he decided to do a photo shoot just to look back on in years to come but tourism WA saw his pictures on the photographers web site & asked to hire him.

From there, that shoot lead to another then another, then tv commercials (local, national & international) web shows (Super Dingo vs Pirates, Super Dingo vs the Hippies), magazine shoots, music videos & 2 feature films, Infected Paradise & Broken Contract ('Winner of Merit' at Indifest in California).

In 2014 Daniel also released his debut single 'Psychedelic Nemeses' with his band at the time 'Sanhedrin Saint. He wrote the song, sang, played gutar, directed & produced the music video which is on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify etc.

He is currently only taking on interesting & challenging roles & working on new music.

Simon Akkerman



Simon Akkerman ACS is a highly experienced award winning Cinematographer with a career spanning over 40 years. Simon has worked for major clients across a variety of fields including film, television documentaries, large scale corporate and industrial production and Cinema / TV commercials, using a multitude of formats from 35 mm film rigs to the state-of-the-art HD cameras.


With an extensive resume that covers nearly every corner of the globe Simon has developed the skills needed to effectively relate on screen a wide and varying depiction of cultures, social backgrounds and art’s genres.


Simon regards himself an excellent communicator. He feels his successful career is largely due to his gift for building strong business relationships with associates of any status, together with his technical know-how and ability to coordinate a broad area of multi-million-dollar projects, consistently meeting and bettering time and financial objectives.


During his career Simon has conducted a number of Cinematographic courses, lecturing and mentoring at RCTI Indonesia, Edith Cowan University, and the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu Philippines. He is a fully accredited member of the Australian Cinematographer’s Society (ACS) where he is also President of the Western Australian Branch. Simon was one of the original instigators of Professional Film Crew WA where he is also still actively involved on the committee.

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Dr Rev Mayers



Dr of arts (fine art)

Bloodpainter (blood specialist)

Former tactical weapons instructor


-Semi-automatic handgun

-breaching entry with shotgun and explosives. (Detcord / breaching charge)

-semi-automatic assault weapons

-Belt fed Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)

Tactical entry instructor, Room clearance and safe entry.

Tactical movements and building clearance.

General SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) procedures.

Trained in use of tazer, flashbang grenade and fragmentation munitions.

Martial arts history.

4 years Muay Thai (Thai boxing)

2 years Shaolin Kung fu

1 year Wu Xing Dao

3 years Tactical Krav Maga (Israeli defence force CQC (close quarters combat)

Edged weapons training under Ray Floro Tactical Knife systems (knife fighting)

Extensive knowledge of primary (lethal body targets. Armed and unarmed)

Japanese swordsmanship

(Katana and wakizashi)

Knowledge of military spec uniforms and equipment.

                Sam Desmond



Samuel grew up on a farm in Perth WA with horses and sheep, he has a passion for extreme sports and enjoys all films but mostly horror and sci-fi.

Working on a shovel most of his life and owning his fence installation business for over 15 years, he replied to the ad put out for help on The Unhallowed film set and started off as the Clapper Board Loader, and also all rounder on the trailer shoot.  

His presence proved to be invaluable, and has since gone on to be a vital part of Fractured Visions as Associate Producer.


Ted 1 1907972_10152115553779541_7217885239611844107_n

Edward (Ted) McQueen-Mason



Edward McQueen-Mason is an editor and production manager, known for Patrick (1978), Road Games (1981) and Parallax (2004)


Bryan McQueen-Mason



Bryan McQueen-Mason is known for his work on Stormworld (2009), Parallax (2004) and Streetsmartz (2005).

CV 17857649_10210176093532910_43637893_n

Juan Monzón, a.k.a. Moloch 11811, is a Spanish musician based in Canary Islands.

Although he has been the lesd vocal in local epic metal bands for 20 years, in the last 12 years has developed an experimental style influenced by Mike Oldfield or Sunn O)).

With his music he looks for inspiring fear in the audience.

Juan Monzon