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In January 2017 Fractured Vision's made a 4 minute trailer of The Unhallowed, with the new cast of experienced actors tht had gone through the auditioning process, and were  considered the best for each of their roles. With Cinematographer Simon Akkerman and Scott Montgomery on sound, Fractured Vision's had delivered a trailer to encompass the potential of The Unhallowed story line, whilst utilizing the mesmerizing and yet harsh atomsphere of the landscape.


Fractured Vision's, a proudly Australian horror film production company are elated to contribute to the international tapestry of horror with The Unhallowed, a film influenced by the most classic of horror cinema, from the Gothic horror of Universal Studios to the golden age of video nasties and slasher.


The Unhallowed is a proud hybrid of both Gothic and slasher, utilziing the same aura of dread and realistic terror found in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and breeding it with the horror's of Hammer studios and the gore of the splatter era. Fractured Visions are horror visonairies who forge Australian horror films for horror fans.


Fractured Visions are not content to merely homage the past, but look forward to an anthology franchise that will terrify the mind as well as the body and the soul. Utilizing the vast open spaces of rural Australia, it is the production companies foremost goal to spread real Australian horror around the world by introducing audiences to a cursed land where cinema's greatest demons rise again. We've put the evil back into the cinematic monsters of yesteryear. This is truly the rebirth of terror.  


The Unhallowed does not rely on a marketed flagship villain or superifically plumb the depths of horror (and Australian culture, in some cases), this is ultra-real, ultra-horrifying terror that wil make you re-examine cinema's classic entities of evil, playing on expectation and turning cliche on it's head.


In a world where cinematic horror has been all but snuffed out via tired franchises and ho-hum locale, the Unhallowed stands unique as an anthology series set in one connected universe, though never repeating the same story.





In 2015 two film makers - Destiny West and Casper Jean Rimbaud had an idea to reawaken the horror film industry with what now has become the project THE UNHALLOWED.

Having a shared interest in the classics of yesteryear and finding that the horror community was truly lacking something uniquely terrifying, Casper and Destiny set out to change all of that.


In 2015 on a budget of $550, with a broken camera and no other equipment, Fractured Visions set out to make a promotional film called The Unhallowed. The purpose of this promotional film was to prove what this team was capable of doing on a next to nothing budget, and to show the potential of The Unhallowed story line for perspective investors.


With a cast of amateur actors who had never stepped in front of the camera before, and the help of family and friends acting as crew or just generally helping out, through literally blood, sweat and tears the skeleton of The Unhallowed was born.


Their independently produced demonstration film, is the tragic story of the violent and bizarre fate suffered by five youths in the late 1960's, who stumbled upon a nightmarish and macabre killing field hidden within outback Western Australia.


Now two years on, and and with the help of an amazing crew and talented actors THE UNHALLOWED is officially in pre-production.






Be warned.


Fractured Visions are coming.





Fractured Visions Films are proud to announce that we are in preproduction of The Unhallowed.

This dark hybrid of Gothic Horror and Slasher is poised to put real Australian horror back on to the international map.

Our goal is to make a film for international distribution that will take its place beside horror master pieces of the past, whilst forging a new future for Horror.

The Unhallowed goes into production 2017.

The origin.........