Fractured Visions is currently seeking investors who would like the opportunity to become involved with this film project.

We have a Letter of Intent from Umbrella Entertainment Australia.


We have a trailer available for viewing, and a pitch is available for assessment. If you would like to view both these items please email us at


The Unhallowed has the potential for a franchisable series of films which we already have planned out.  


No investment is too small, no expression of interest or support unwelcomed.

Fractured Visions is giving potential investors the chance to be part of Australian horror history, and to be part of our film family.


Our mission with The Unhallowed, and the other films in the series, is to emphasize the uniqueness of Australian culture and our landscapes, whilst casting every day realistic actors in the roles.


We love Australia, and we are passionate about horror. We understand the untapped possibilities of Australian horror, and with your help we hope to harness it, then release it upon an international audience.




For more information or to request to see our  media kit, investors pitch and promotional film, please email us at