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We would like to thank the community of Quairading for their support, enthusiasm and curiousity.


Personal thanks to our wonderful team of amateur actors and crew that helped make the original 70 minute film promo.

In no particular order. Apryl and Rodney from Green Hills Inn for the use of the main bar, Dan in York for the use of his vehicle. The Richards Family for use of their wonderful old homestead and shearing shed. To Tanya, Chris, Barbara, Shanelle, Mum, Rosemary, Caroline, Britt, Chelsea, Kyle, Tom, Wendy, Annette, Ethan and Megan - thank you for all taking part.


To Cheryl White (Quairading's CDO) thank you for your help and support.

To Caroline at The Wheatbelt Business Network - thank you and we look forward to working with you.

Graham Fardon and The Quairading Shire, thank you for supporting us.


To Philippe Mora - thank you for your expertise and faith in us. We are honoured to have you as a friend and mentor.

To Philip Bugeja and family - thank you for sticking by us and helping.


Thanks to Tom for his audio work on the original promo.


Thanks to Juan Monzon for the theme music of the trailer.


To our wonderful actors that gave so generously of their time to come to Quairading to work on the trailer, Bec, Sara, Bruce, Robert, Britt, Tanieka, Chelsea, Jean and Amity - we love you all!


To all our actors in pre production with us, (no particular order) Bruce, Robert, Bec, Daniel, Ronald, Wassim, Caroline, Sara, Michael, Jean, Maggie, Britt, Amity, Tanieka, Ethan, Thank you for your patience and support.


To Shelley-Anne and Irish thank you for allowing us your beautiful daughter Amity for the role of Lucy.


To Rick White - thank you for  letting us intrude in your home and being so obliging.


To Luke, Kelly & Bodhi - thank you so much for use of the Kombi and your continual interest in the film.


To our Assistant Producer and film partner Daniel - thank you for sharing the vision and the miracles you perform.


To Rev Mayers - We are so excited and honoured to have you on board, can't wait to work with you! Thank you for your support.


To our Asscociate Producer Sam Desmond for his non stop energy and dedication.


To our Creature Concept Artist Helen Fraser, thank you for helping bring the vision to life.


To Scott Montgomery for doing the audio for the trailer and having faith in this project.


To Simon Akkerman - words can not express our gratitude and how honoured we are to be able to work along side you.


To Bryan McQueen-Mason - We are so grateful for your patience and enthusiasm on The Unhallowed, we look forward to working with you further.


To Edward McQueen-Mason - We are honoured to have you on board and so excited.



Thank you to our actors that have been cast for the film. You are all wonderful.